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Alpine Macro

Business Challenge: Chen Zhao, a well-known macroeconomic and financial market research veteran, partnered with Tony Boeckh and David Abramson to launch Alpine Macro – an independent research firm dedicated to providing unique analysis, insights, forecasts and actionable investment strategy recommendations. As a brand new firm, Alpine Macro had no media exposure and wanted to communicate both the launch of the firm as well as the type of research they will be conducting and sharing.

Strategy: Prepare and disseminate a press release corresponding to the launch of Alpine Macro, that also highlights those involved and each of their specialties.

Tactics: Target Tier 1 media as well as trade publications to ensure all relevant media are aware of the launch and the topics that Chen can speak on.

Outcome: Goldman Communications proactively secured both mainstream and trade media coverage corresponding to the launch of Alpine Macro. Goldman Communications was able to communicate the launch directly to relevant media globally via a world-worde newswire service. We then followed up directly with specific trade publications, which resulted in additional coverage of the firm’s launch in various publications, including Investment Executive, Institutional Investor, Investment Week, FinAlternatives, Hedgeweek, and more.


About Alpine Macro

Founded in 2017, Alpine Macro is an independent global investment research firm based in Montreal, providing market insights and analysis. Alpine Macro focuses on the analysis of major macro-economic forces and specializes in forecasting the direction of global financial markets, while providing actionable recommendations on investment strategy and asset allocation.

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