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ValueWorks LLC

Business Challenge: ValueWorks LLC was looking to boost the firm’s brand recognition and broader presence in a way that would both compliment their existing investor base and at the same time attract new prospects.

Strategy: Target both mainstream and trade/specialized media to build and enhance awareness for the firm and diversify exposure – through a renewed media introduction effort.

Tactics: Conduct proactive, targeted media outreach to key ‘Tier 1’ news outlets and generate/share ongoing, proactive responses to key developments in the investment industry.

Outcome: Goldman Communications was able to secure top-tier coverage for ValueWorks and Jeff Beary, who has now developed a consistent media presence. He has been quoted in key publications such as CNBC, Wealth Professional, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters and The Globe and Mail.




“Goldman Communications, led by veteran financial journalist Corey Goldman, proved to know our audience and how each story would resonate with them – before we even did. They have been extremely helpful in connecting us with key media and advising us every step of the way. Their ongoing advice and insight has helped us to stay one step ahead of the game and to consistently adapt our messaging accordingly. They have helped us to connect with both mainstream and specialized media, further expanding our presence and diversifying our exposure to new audiences, including prospective investors.” - Jeff Beary, Vice President, ValueWorks

About ValueWorks LLC


ValueWorks, LLC is an employee owned asset management firm. It invests in the public equity markets of the United States. The firm was founded in 2001 by Charles Lemonides and is based in New York City. ValueWorks provides independent investment management on an individual account basis. According to a client’s particular needs, portfolios cover a wide range of risk-tolerance, from aggressive to much more 

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