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Ninepoint Partners

Business Challenge: In 2014, Toronto-based alternative asset manager Ninepoint Partners, previously Sprott Asset Management, had minimal media engagement and a vision to grow their presence. Their objective was to generate publicity, highlight their unique offerings and to position their senior management as authorities in the industry.

Strategy: Secure interviews and media appearances for Ninepoint’s senior management to familiarize their target audience with the brand and their offerings.

Tactics: Streamline communication objectives and key messages, develop a media kit and conduct extensive media training in preparation of media inquiries.

Outcome: Ninepoint has consistently retained a strong media presence for their senior management and are frequently consulted for their expert opinions. The portfolio managers and senior management team are now quoted in key publications and newswires such as The Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and Reuters. They are also regular guests on Business shows such as Business News Network, Bloomberg and CNBC.



“Corey Goldman is an insider in the financial industry and has had a transformative impact on our business and our brand perception over the years, assisting us in transitioning from a ‘gold and resources shop’ into an international alternatives provider. The strategic counsel which Goldman Communications has provided us, has helped our brand not only retain visibility in the public eye, but also enhanced our offering as a true, global, multiple strategy offering. Thanks to their hard work, our portfolio managers and senior management team are now regular guests on leading business shows and quoted regularly in key publications, and have developed lasting relationships with the media. Goldman Communications has been instrumental in our overall communications efforts every step of the way.” - Drew Williams, SVP Marketing, Ninepoint Partners

About Ninepoint Partners, previously Sprott Asset Management

Ninepoint Partners is an independent investment manager committed to adding value to investors’ portfolios while helping to differentiate advisors’ businesses.

Based in Toronto, Ninepoint Partners has assumed portfolio management of the Canadian diversified assets of Sprott Asset Management (SAM), including actively managed hedge and mutual funds, while also offering leading resource and precious metals strategies through an exclusive sub-advisory relationship with SAM. The new firm oversees approximately $3 billion in assets under management.

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