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PE Hub Canada: Area One Farms initially closes fourth farmland fund at $120 mln

Area One Farms announces the initial close of its fourth farm-partnership private equity fund, Fund IV, at $120 million, and also announces the first two family farm investments by the fund.

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BNN Bloomberg: Either equity or bond market really wrong about economy: Ninepoint Co-CEO

John Wilson, co-CEO and senior portfolio manager at Ninepoint Partners, joins BNN Bloomberg for a look at his latest market strategy and why it's concerning for him that both the bond and equity markets are rising in tandem.

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Financial Post: 'Empty Calories': Why investors' bloated year-to-date returns mean nothing

Felix Narhi cannot resist the urge to look at the 18.4 per cent year-to-date return his portfolio has generated in 2019 and scowl. It’s never been an accurate way to judge a portfolio, he said, and it’s even less reliable in the current market climate.

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Wealth Professional: Corey MacGregor on equal treatment for men and women

“In addition to empowering women, firms need to make sure that men know they don’t need to be 100 per cent career-focused all the time,” said Corey MacGregor, VP finance and operations at Toronto-based IBV Capital

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BNN Bloomberg: Why China's property market matters to Canadian investors

Anish Chopra, managing director at Portfolio Management Corporation, explains how the property market in China is a big driver of global economic growth and how it can impact investments here in Canada.

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Wealth Professional: The man who welcomes volatility and Trump tweets
One man’s meat is another man’s poison rings true for market volatility, which returned last year after a decade-long rally since the 2008 financial crisis.
The Globe and Mail: What this analyst from a market-beating value fund has been buying and selling
Amar Pandya understands why investors are so anxious right now. After the market meltdown in the fourth quarter of last year, it’s hard to trust the comeback seen so far in 2019. 
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BNN Bloomberg: Eric Nutall’s markets Outlook
Eric Nuttall, senior portfolio manager at Ninepoint Partners, shares his outlook for the markets.
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The Royal Gazette: Shareholder sees bright future for Ascendant
Talbot Babineau, IBV’s founder and chief executive officer, told The Royal Gazette that Ascendant remained “incredibly undervalued”, even after the rally which has seen its stock price double over the past year, from $10 to $20.
Bloomberg: Aurora’s Buying Spree Raises ‘Question Marks’ Ahead of Pot Legalization
One of Canada’s largest marijuana companies is on a buying spree that’s leaving “question marks” for investors, according to a portfolio adviser with a focus on the fast-growing industry.
PE Hub: PenderFund finds first growth deal in portable ultrasound tech
PenderFund Capital Management’s new tech growth fund agreed to make its first investment, a $3 million stake in medical-imaging company Clarius Mobile Health.
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