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M. Corey Goldman, President, CEO

I was born a storyteller; I didn't talk until I was three, and then spoke in complete sentences. My true superhero is Clark Kent - not only because he dresses well and is a great reporter, but because he's always saving Lois Lane from trouble.  

I went to York University, where I earned not one but two BAs in History. I then went to Carleton University for my Masters in Journalism and Communications - because I didn't get into the law school I wanted.  

My favourite author is C.S. Lewis (who doesn't want a wardrobe that leads to a magical land?); my favourite colour is blue; my favourite series is The OA; my biggest passion is Help for Children; my biggest inspiration is anything my wife designs and cooks.

I am also a regular contributor to, which provides timely unbiased news, powerful data and strong analysis to help the world make informed investment decisions and discover new business opportunities.

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