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PenderFund Capital

Business Challenge: PenderFund Capital Management(Pender) had – and still has – a star studded line up of portfolio managers, all of which with their own specialties, spanning from investing in bonds to the tech sector to small caps. However, the managers had little media exposure and the team was looking to boost the firm’s brand recognition and put Pender on the map.

Strategy: Assist the Pender team by actively introducing them to target media and proactively securing coverage related to each manager and their specialties.

Tactics: Target Tier 1 media to directly connect with a diversified, yet targeted audience, and organize one-on-one interviews with various media as well as appearances for the Pender managers both in Toronto and Vancouver.

Outcome: Goldman Communications proactively secured both mainstream and trade media coverage for various Pender portfolio managers by facilitating one-on-one media interviews with a variety of publications and organizations when the managers were in Toronto as well as back in Vancouver. These included in-person meetings with Bloomberg, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal, as well as on-air appearances on Business News Network.


About PenderFund Capital Management

PenderFund Capital Management (Pender) is an independent, employee-owned, value-based investment firm located in Vancouver.  


Founded in 2003, PenderFund’s team consists of specialist portfolio managers who are expert analysts, security selectors and value investors. They manage a suite of niche investment funds with concentrated portfolios of value-based investments in which they are also investors. 


They believe that: (include this?)

  • Small and nimble funds can be opportunistic and can access unique investment opportunities that are potentially rewarding for investors. 

  • Funds with concentrated portfolios of value‐based investments have the potential to generate superior long‐term, risk‐adjusted returns. 

  • Managers who have their own financial interests aligned with those of investors in the fund show greater conviction in their investment process and act with heightened vigilance of both risks and opportunities. 

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